How to Download and Install Showbox on Windows

  • Showbox is an application which is known for streaming movies, TV shows, serials. This movie, serial streaming app provides more over thousands of movies, and the serials and cartoons. Showbox on iOS is the best free Android apps because we can see the movies in high definition for free. Show Box can not be downloaded in the Google Play store. the difference between other live streaming apps and show box is “cost free”, where other apps do charge for this purpose. It updates new movies on the daily basis .

  • We can also change the quality of the videos. The main advantage of this app is high definition streaming where other failed to do this. no need of signing in or signing up for this app because it does not need those. It has has got a simple easier and modern user interface. This article help you to download and install the Show Box app to your Windows computer using ARC Welder and Bluestacks. By this we can stream free movies directly from your computer.

  • Download the Show Box app to PC Method using ARC Welder

    • 1. Download and then install the latest Google Chrome browser
    • 2. go to Google Chrome then download ARC Welder.
    • 3. click add to chrome.
    • click ‘Add app‘
    • Open a new tab then click ‘Apps‘
    • Open ARC Welder option.
    • press ‘Choose‘ and select a new ARC Welder.
    • 8. Download Show box .APK to the computer.
    • 9. In ARC Welder, click ‘Add your APK‘ and include the Showbox .APK
    • 10. press ‘Test’
    • 11. Show box will now run on your computer. If any “Connection Error then Check the internet connection” error, by simply opening the tab in Chrome and then apps and then show box.

  • To install Show box, go to Chrome then proceed with New tab then click Apps and tap Showbox. If the "Weblog is not supported" then we get the error. To avoid those errors follow the below instructions carefully.

    • 1. go to chrome then click settings and click ‘Show advanced settings…
    • 2. Use hardware acceleration when available turned on
    • 3. Go to chrome then flags and verify whether ‘Override software rendering list‘ is enabled
    • 4. Weblog should be dis enabled. Move to chrome://GPU and verify Weblog gives ‘Hardware accelerated
    • If again there is a problem in downloading the show box app through the ARC welder then follow the following steps,
    You can now stream Show Box on your computer and laptop.

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